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What does BB mean in Battleship?

What does BB mean in Battleship? 5y. BB and DD are just B (battleship) and D (destroyer) doubled so they can’t be confused with anything else. CA stands for ‘Cruiser, Armoured’, CL stands for ‘Cruiser, Light’ and CV stands for ‘Cruiser, Voler’ or ‘Cruiser, aViation’ (take your pick, no one knows which one it is). 1. Is anyone still alive from Gilligan’s Island? Wells and Tina Louise (Ginger), 83, are the only two surviving main cast members these days. The… Read more

What items can you take to a landfill?

What items can you take to a landfill? Acceptable MaterialsMunicipal Solid Waste. Non-hazardous household and commercial refuse.Appliances. Major appliances such as washers and dryers, water heaters, refrigerators are accepted for recycling.Tires. Construction and Demolition Materials. Clean Dirt. Clean Asphalt/Concrete. Mixed Inerts. Woodwaste and Greenwaste. Can Recycling reduce landfills? One of the main reasons for recycling is to reduce the amount of garbage sent to landfills. Today, recycling efforts in the United States divert 32 percent of waste away from landfills.… Read more

Is it OK to abbreviate months on a resume?

Is it OK to abbreviate months on a resume? When adding months on a resume, spell out the month name. As a rule, you should not be abbreviating months on a resume. If you choose to only put years on your resume, be consistent. Where can I learn accounting for free? Purdue University provides a free online course called Business Accounting Basics. For professionals starting their own business and for those supplementing their understanding of accounting, this free business course… Read more

Should I list English as a language on my resume?

Should I list English as a language on my resume? If you know another language, you should always include it on your resume as it indicates to a recruiter that you’ve invested in yourself. The key to including language successfully on your resume is ensuring you are using the right terminology to indicate an accurate level of proficiency. Which language skill is most important for learning a foreign language? I believe that listening comprehension, not speaking, is the most important… Read more

Should you list hobbies on a CV?

Should you list hobbies on a CV? For the most part, you should only list hobbies if they are professionally relevant. Make sure the hobbies in your resume show an interest or devotion to the job that you are applying to get. The point is this: don’t create a long laundry list of all the hobbies that you like to do in your free time. How do I find my perfect hobby? So, having a hobby that you love can… Read more

Which doctor is most needed?

Which doctor is most needed? Check out the full list of the most in-demand specialties to see if your desired choice made the cut.Family medicine.Internal medicine.Emergency medicine.Psychiatry.Obstetrics & gynecology.Neurology.Radiology.Gastroenterology. What is the longest residency in medicine? The length of residency depends mostly on the field a graduate chooses to take. Medical specialties such as family medicine and internal medicine often requires three years, whereas surgery usually requires a minimum of five, and neurological surgery is the longest at seven years.… Read more

Can I drive without Axlenut?

Can I drive without Axlenut? Should be able to drive without issue as long as the axle nut is installed properly (bearings, etc). No the axle nuts job is to keep the axle secured in the hub. On this car, the hub and bearing are pressed into the knuckle. What is the purpose of a castle nut? Castle nuts go beyond basic fastening to create a positive locking mechanism commonly used in wheel bearings and low-torque applications. Can you over… Read more

Is it a crime to lie on your CV?

Is it a crime to lie on your CV? Criminal Charges A resume is not a legal document. A resume is a marketing document used to ‘advertise oneself’ to potential employers. However, if you lie on your resume, you can potentially face legal action based on fraud. Furthermore, if you sign a legal form confirming false credentials, this is fraud. How can you tell if someone is lying on resume? One of the ways to see if a person is… Read more

Why do we use coefficient of variation?

Why do we use coefficient of variation? The most common use of the coefficient of variation is to assess the precision of a technique. It is also used as a measure of variability when the standard deviation is proportional to the mean, and as a means to compare variability of measurements made in different units. What is the difference between standard deviation and relative standard deviation? The relative standard deviation (RSD) is a special form of the standard deviation (std… Read more

Can you put nominations on resume?

Can you put nominations on resume? Yes. It shows the academics in your university highly respected you in order to nominate you. 100% it goes on the CV. If it comes up at an interview, just be modest and say it was great to be nominated by your professors. How do you write a winning award nomination? What makes a winning nomination? Write what great things your colleagues are doing Be specific in how the nominee met the award criteria… Read more