What are the best online courses for EEE students?

What are the best online courses for EEE students?

Top Resources to Learn Electrical Engineering Online (for Free): The 50 Best Courses, eBooks, Programs, Tutorials and More

  1. MIT OpenCourseWare. @MITOCW.
  2. Collin Cunningham’s MAKE Series. @make.
  3. Electromechanical Library.
  4. Darryl Morrell.
  5. Arduino.
  6. NPTEL E-Learning Courses.
  7. Circuits and Electronics.
  8. Coursera.

Which NPTEL course is best for computer science?

Best NPTEL Courses for Computer Science

  • Probability for Computer Science by IIT Kanpur.
  • Advanced Computer Architecture by IIT Delhi.
  • C-Based VLSI Design by IIT Guwahati.
  • Real-Time Systems byIIT Kharagpur, NIT Rourkela.
  • Algorithms for Protein Modeling and Engineering by IIT Kharagpur.
  • Computational Complexity by IIT Hyderabad.

Which course is best for EEE students?

Taking a short term certificate course after completing BTech EEE can give your career a great push. Embedded Systems, Intelligent Systems, Networking, Robotics and Power Electronics are considered to be the best specializations to take up!

How do I become an electrical engineer expert?

Steps to Becoming an Electrical Engineer

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  2. Take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.
  3. Land an entry-level job and gain experience.
  4. Take Professional Engineer exam.

How do I register for NPTEL 2021?

  1. How to Enroll for NPTEL Courses July- Nov.
  2. Go to: https://swayam.gov.in, and click on NPTEL under.
  3. Directly Go to URL.
  4. Enrolment is open for 523+ courses in July- Nov.
  5. • Courses start Dates : I Set – 26th July, 2021 &
  6. • Enrolment Ends : I – 02nd August, 2021 & II – 23rd August, 2021.

Who are eligible for NPTEL courses?

NPTEL online courses are open to everyone. The courses in programming, data structures and algorithms are aimed at undergraduate college students (any engineering or science stream) in their 2nd year or above.

What are the courses for EEE students?

5 Best Courses to Pursue After Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)

  • 3)C-DAC.

Which course is best in Nptel?

10 Best NPTEL Online Courses

Course Name Coordinated By Duration
Signal and Systems IISER Bhopal 12 weeks
Basics of Materials Engineering IIT Madras 4 weeks
Automation in Manufacturing IIT Guwahati 4 weeks
Advanced Concepts in Fluid Mechanics IIT Kharagpur 12 weeks

Is Nptel certificate useful?

Benefits of NPTEL Course Certificate : You can learn the subject from the expert faculties of IITs/IISc. You can get certified by NPTEL and IITs/IISc. The certificates issued bear the stamp of CCE, IIT and hence are valuable additions when the student is applying for jobs.

Can I learn electrical engineering online?

Electrical Engineering Courses. EdX offers free online learning courses in electrical engineering from top engineering universities like MIT.

Which safety course is best for electrical engineer?


  • B.Sc. Fire Safety & Hazard Management.
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety Engineering.
  • Safety Officer.
  • Diploma in Electrical Safety Engineering.
  • DiplomaDiploma in Environment, Health & Safety (Diploma in E.H.S.)
  • Fire Officer Programme.
  • Fireman Programme.

What is the salary of EEE?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $159,500 and as low as $97,000, the majority of EEE salaries currently range between $104,000 (25th percentile) to $151,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $159,500 annually across the United States.

Can EEE student apply for ISRO?

If you have interest in EEE branch, you should definitely go for this as it also has many opportunities in government sector. And if you are planning to go for ISRO then the eligibility criteria includes average minimum of 65% marks or CGPA 6.84/10 (average of all semesters for which results are available) in BE/B.

Is NPTEL exam easy?

With good effort, you can easily crack most of the courses as the pass percentage is 40% (Assignment Marks + Exam Marks). Most of the courses have questions in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) format. Programming courses tend to be a little difficult in comparison to theoretical courses.

Is NPTEL free of cost?

All courses are completely free to enrol and learn from. The certification exam is optional and comes at a fee of Rs 1000/course exam. Certification process: NPTEL began the initiative of offering certification to students for courses in March 2014.

Is Swayam certificate valid?

All the courses offered by SWAYAM are recognized by the government of India. The certificates of degrees and diploma will be given on clearing the criteria of course taken and that certificate will be a credit mobility for academic credits.

How many years does it take to become an electrical engineer?

The minimum period of study for the National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical is usually three years. However, many students find themselves under-prepared and complete the programme in four, five or six years.

Which is the online certification course for NPTEL?

Welcome to Swayam-NPTEL Enhance skills that meet your need online NPTEL Online Certification Courses NPTEL is a project of MHRD initiated by 7 IITs along with the IISc, Bangalore in 2003, to provide quality education to anyone interested in learning from the IITs.

How is learning done in NOC home-NPTEL?

Learning can be done by watching videos and this is tested by the weekly assignments, that are to be submitted online within the prescribed deadline. Any queries/doubts you may have, you can post in the respective discussion forum, which will be answered by the faculty and his/her team.

Is it better to use NPTL or Ese?

NPTL is undoubtedly treasure of knowledge but judicious and focused utilization of nptel videos is essential if you are preparing for competative exams like GATE, ESE and other PSUs. I am going to put some following points regarding NPTEL

Which is the best lecture series on NPTEL?

The AC machines lectures link given above is the only Video Lecture series I could find on the web. it’s now discontinued by NPTEL but someone uploaded lectures on Youtube. The lectures are extraordinary. What is the best free LMS? If you’re looking for a free LMS the best option is TalentLMS.


What are the best online courses for EEE students? Top Resources to Learn Electrical Engineering Online (for Free): The 50 Best Courses, eBooks, Programs, Tutorials and More MIT OpenCourseWare. @MITOCW. Collin Cunningham’s MAKE Series. @make. Electromechanical Library. Darryl Morrell. Arduino. NPTEL E-Learning Courses. Circuits and Electronics. Coursera. Which NPTEL course is best for computer science?…