How do you replace a double joint U Cardan?

How do you replace a double joint U Cardan?

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How do I know if my double cardan joint is bad?

Clunking. Clunking under acceleration or sudden braking is often the first sign of DCJ wear, and can presage an immediate and catastrophic failure if left unremedied. This clunking comes from excess bearing play between the DCJ’s individual U-joints and its intermediate shaft, or inside the U-joint caps themselves.

What is a double cardan joint?

A double Cardan joint consists of two universal joints mounted back to back with a center yoke; the center yoke replaces the intermediate shaft.

Do I need a double cardan driveshaft?

Many people mistakenly believe that a double cardan or C.V. type drive shaft will allow for greater operating angles than a conventional 2 joint or single cardan drive shaft. This is not true. As any substantial joint angle would cause the pinion to try to speed up & slow down two times per revolution.

How much drive shaft angle is too much?

Ideally, both driveshaft-operating angles will be 1 to 3 degrees. Anything over 3 degrees at the rear axle will shorten your universal joint’s life and could create vibration. If your angle is larger than 3 degrees, you must make sure not to exceed max driveshaft RPM as shown on this Spicer table.