How to write an essay

An essay is a literary genre of the prosaic composition of a small volume and free composition. The founder of the genre is Michel Montaigne. His book “Experiments” consists of an essay on a variety of topics. For example, about honour, conscience, money, morals and so on.

The form and types of an essay

There are certain types of essay and its forms. Here is a small classification of this genre.

The basic types:

Subjective (personal) — a certain side of the author’s personality reveals. Objective – refers to some idea or the subject of the description. For example, a specialist writes material on a specific topic.

According to the content:

  • Spiritually-religious;
  • Artistic-publicist;
  • Philosophical;
  • Literary-critical.

By literary form: Letter, Review, Diary page, Lyric miniature, Notes and so on.

How to write an essay

Now let’s talk about how to write an essay correctly and interestingly.

To begin with, let’s consider the criteria of this genre.

  • Small volume and a specific topic;
  • Personality approach to disclosure, subjectivity;
  • Free composition: impressions, memories, associations;
  • The atmosphere of trust, conversation.

The volume of essays and topics

The volume of the essay for scientific materials makes within the limits of 2 – 3 thousand signs. As a rule, this is for students and experts. The size should be such that you can speak. To have time to say the most important thing, until the reader is bored.

An essay on the topic

Many are faced with the problem of how to write an essay on a topic that is suitable for me. And therefore, there is always an opportunity to use the paper writing service online. As a rule, there would be no topic, there was only a desire. An infinite number of topics have in store for each of us. They are all hidden in our own inattention.

Another important part is to manage to save the found topic. Therefore, it is better to write it down before you try to just remember. You can write that now came to your mind. You can even write about your fear or dream.


Events can be a topic. This is what is happening around us. Events can be large, small and even barely noticeable. Each of them has its own theme. And if you participate in this event, you can see it from the inside. It is very useful to write about the event without delay. If something happened recently, you can remember details which then begin to be forgotten. And if we add some imagination to an event, it can be a great theme for a fairy tale.


The theme is in the situation. With time, you gradually cease to notice any habitual state of affairs. You can look at any situation again if you find a new point of view.

In the literature, such a technique is called “estrangement” from the word “strange”. Look through the eyes of a martian which flew for the first time on the ground. You can still look at the situation through the eyes of a child and even a cat.


The theme can also be obtained from new experiences. But something important can be found in the old impressions, which previously we did not attach importance. If something remained in memory, it was important. Therefore, once again work through all your impressions. And you will find something interesting for yourself.


To write an essay on the desired topic you need experiences. Each experience immerses you in the topic. Experiences are internal events. They are even deeper than external and any other impressions. It is necessary to think only — what genre approaches to write about this or that experience is better.


Each of those people who are close to us, it is also a treasure trove of themes. Each person has his own events, impressions and experiences. Therefore, you need to communicate with such people. Ask them or listen.

Speaking to people, it is possible to learn about amazing turns in their life. And the man himself is also a special topic.

Try to look at a stranger who is close to you. Imagine what he does for a living and what his character is. What unusual happened in his life.


More subjects are used to writing different themes. You can write an essay on the topic of a randomly inherited thing. It seems that anything wants to be unravelled.

For example, you see an ordinary stone. But if you touch it with your imagination, it can become a meteorite. It may also be a magical stone of the alchemist or a souvenir from distant lands.

Now you know what an essay is, what the volume of the essay and the subject should be, and how to write it. Before you are ready to write an essay, read the instructions again and start creating!