Is it better to be second or last author?

Is it better to be second or last author?

Have another one, even the second authorship, is definitely better than nothing. First authorship is an important factor as always but having second authorship (I am assuming among several co-authors) shows that you have been instrumental in the paper (I am again assuming authorship order reflects contribution).

How important is first authorship?

students were to work on the same project for their degree. For post-doctoral researchers and senior professors, publishing first-authored papers is important for receiving funding and getting promoted or re-hired. Thus, the first name in an author list is the most sought-after position in a scientific publication.

What is corresponding author in research paper?

The corresponding author is the point of contact for editors, readers, and outside researchers who have questions about the contents of the paper. Often, the corresponding author is also the last author, but she or he may be listed first or even in the middle of the author list.

What is the role of the corresponding author?

This corresponding author is: Responsible for the manuscript as it moves through the entire publication process. The primary contact between the journal and all the other authors of the paper. Responsible for ensuring that all authors have reviewed and approved the final version of the manuscript prior to submission.

How do you write an author for a research paper?

Works by a single author should list the author’s last name and initials. The date of publication should be enclosed in parentheses and followed by the title of the article or book. Books and journal titles should be listed in italics.