The reasons why teachers choose coursework over the exams

Many writers who went to college know that sometimes it is extremely difficult to keep up with all of the tasks that you have on your desk. Sure, that is not something that everyone is able to deal with. However, sometimes you have so much stuff to do that you just feel like you are going to give up any second. That is something that the college gives you in exchange for all of the time you spent on studying. Moreover, as soon as you will get to the end of the semester you will feel how much stuff you went through during the last half of the year. Yet, you might get even a more difficult task than having to study for your exams. That is coursework. Sure, all of the students have heard of such a thing. Moreover, most of the students wrote at least one of them. Therefore, they know that sometimes your month of life becomes a hell on earth, as all you do is write that thing. That is why the students start questioning the need for the coursework and say that they are implemented only because that is easier for the teachers. This article is going to try to find out if that is true.

  1. Checking

Probably the main reason for the teachers to opt for the coursework instead of the exams is the fact that they will be able to free a lot of time by not checking the tons of exam papers. Sure, sometimes the amount of text that you have to go through when checking the coursework might be huge, but in most cases, the exams are going to bring much more work. For example, if a student takes a test on English, they will have to write at least 10 to 20 tasks, meaning that the teacher will need to go through all of them and see if they match with the correct answers. Moreover, if there is a wrong answer, the teacher would have to write the right answer for the student or correct the mistake. To add to that, usually, there is an essay at the end of each exam. That means that the teacher will need to work on that much longer. Instead, they can simply go through the coursework quickly. That will surely not take too much time, as average coursework is not that big.

  1. Tasks creation

For those who are not familiar with how the educational system works – the teachers need to create the tasks for the students’ exams. That means that they need to work a lot during their off time to complete this. Instead, they can just give the students a chance to pick their own task. Sure, sometimes the teachers need to give the task that they think would be right for a student. Yet, even that will be much easier, as you can simply make a task for each of the students in the class. That is surely easier than writing down all of those 30 exam questions. Sure, some of the students, who are smarter will use one of the services, like coursework help to make their lives easier. Still, the tasks that you have for the coursework are made in an easier way than the exam questions.

  1. Cheating

One of the biggest problems that a teacher might have is the problem of cheating during the finals. With the rise of technology, we are seeing a whole new generation of cheating devices. That means that the teacher will need to look really preciously during the exam to avoid cheating from happening. Instead, they can simply give the tasks for the students to work at home. That will not just make the period of turning in much easier, but also it will clearly reveal the cheaters. If the kid was not that good in the class throughout the semester, they will not be able to write a perfect essay without a mistake by themselves. Therefore, the cheater’s chase will be much easier.