What do you superset with back?

What do you superset with back?

  1. 1A Pull-up.
  2. 2A Prone dumbbell row.
  3. 2B Prone dumbbell flye.
  4. 3A Underhand lat pull-down.
  5. 3B Seated row.
  6. 1A Bent-over row.
  7. 1B Upright row.
  8. 2A Wide-grip lat pull-down.

How many exercises should I do on back day?

Allowing your body at least 1 day to recover between each full-body workout is key, so three sessions per week is a good baseline to start with. Within these workouts, you’ll choose one exercise for each muscle group — back, chest, shoulders, legs, core — and, as a beginner, aim for 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps.

What should I train with back?

The moves

  1. Resistance band pull apart. A great exercise to kick off your back workout, the resistance band pull apart is simple but effective.
  2. Quadruped dumbbell row.
  3. Lat pulldown.
  4. Wide dumbbell row.
  5. Barbell deadlift.
  6. Hyperextension.
  7. ‘Good morning’
  8. Single-arm dumbbell row.

How do you build upper middle back muscle?

Great Upper Back Exercises to Improve Your Posture

  1. Barbell High Rows. Barbell high rows are perfect for working those upper back muscles, particularly between the shoulder blades.
  2. Reverse Fly.
  3. T-Pulls.
  4. Y-Pulls.
  5. Upright Row.
  6. Renegade Row.
  7. Seated Row.

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What do you superset with back? 1A Pull-up. 2A Prone dumbbell row. 2B Prone dumbbell flye. 3A Underhand lat pull-down. 3B Seated row. 1A Bent-over row. 1B Upright row. 2A Wide-grip lat pull-down. How many exercises should I do on back day? Allowing your body at least 1 day to recover between each full-body workout…